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Cleaning Building Windows


Did you know...?

Employees in a clean work environment average 24% fewer sick days!

Professional Commercial Cleaning Services


SWEPT Facility Services is a trusted company by business and industry leaders for commercial cleaning, janitorial services, facility maintenance, and customer satisfaction.  Not only do we recognize that every business has its very own unique and respective requirements when it comes to caring for its facilities, but we are also committed professionals who strive to build long-lasting mutually satisfying partnerships with our clients.  


Whether you're operating an office space, a government facility, a school full of children, or even searching for post construction cleanup services, we're equipped with the tools to provide you with a spotless, healthy environment.  We'll work with you to design a customized cleaning and maintenance plan that is appropriate for your facilities, with intervals that suit your objectives.  We look forward to the opportunity of becoming a trusted and valued partner in improving and maintaining the appearance of your business environment.


Your company needs to focus on their business not on cleaning, call us now (410) 216-0483 or fill the form out on this page to partner with one of the leading commercial janitorial service companies.


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SWEPT has years of experience providing results to a wide range of customers:

Office and Building Cleaning
Improve morale and decrease sick days with a clean, healthy office environment

Medical and Dental Facilities
Earn higher Joint Commission scores with better infection control procedures

Bank Cleaning
Keep customers coming back and satisfied with their total banking experience

Government Building Cleaning
Uphold public trust and employee morale with clean buildings and facilities

Restaurant Cleaning
Give your chef a sanitary kitchen and your customers a spotless dining area

Hotel and Resort Housekeeping
Receive 5-star comments and keep guests coming back with our service experts

Manufacturing and Facility Cleaning
Stay safe and on the job with clean work areas, offices and restrooms

Stadium and Event Cleaning
Impress your partners and fans with a stadium space worth cheering for

Retail Store Cleaning
Close the sale and bring customers back with a clean shopping experience

School and University Cleaning
Keep students and faculty in the classroom with A+ janitorial services


We've Got The Competitive Edge
In today's ultra-competitive marketplace, the one thing that powers companies forward is their commitment to customer satisfaction, their dedication to employees, and their pristine reputation. It's these very principles that SWEPT was founded on and to what we owe our success. 


Our employees undergo extensive background checks and are trained through on-site educational classes to ensure they are using the best methods, equipment, and products available to the industry.


We have English-speaking managers on-site to oversee our cleaners and to answer any questions or concerns that may arise. There is also a regional supervisor on-call at all hours. We are committed professionals who strive to build long-lasting, quality partnerships with our clients.


SWEPT has been an unrivaled entity in the cleaning industry since opening its doors. Not only do we consistently exceed our clients' expectations of a clean environment, but we also pair it with unmatched customer satisfaction. Such has been a major contributor to the company's strong, consistent growth.

Community Involvement 
SWEPT Facility Services is committed to developing standards for green cleaning in order to provide our clients with safe and environmentally responsible cleaning services, as well as to foster a healthy environment for the community. Community involvement is an important aspect of SWEPT Facility Services corporate development plan; therefore, we actively donate our time to local organizations in order to help improve the lives of the members living within our community.

Community Involvement

Ready for a cleaner facility?

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