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SWEPT GreenClean™

Reach Your Sustainability Goals: LEED, Green Cleaning & More

Professional Green Cleaning Services


Our reputation is something that we truly treasure – and part of upholding that reputation requires us to stay on top of our industry and the newest coming trends. One of the newest and most beneficial trends has been the introduction of eco-friendly products and green cleaning services.


SWEPT has committed itself to provide all of our clients with safe and environmentally responsible green cleaning services. Our Team Members use environmentally friendly products while working to reduce contaminants that pollute our Earth.

SWEPT's Team Members are trained in green cleaning standards and regularly use:

  • Environmentally Safe Products

  • Concentrated Solutions

  • Color-Coded Microfiber Applique

  • Four-Filter HEPA Backpack Vacuums

  • Utilization of spray bottles


Other eco-friendly practices include:

  • Investing time and capital in green cleaning initiatives

  • Research and development on pairing green cleaning products with green cleaning services

  • Educating partners about the importance of green cleaning services


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Meet Your Goals

Through green cleaning, recycling, and other services, SWEPT promotes a healthier and more comfortable environment for your facility's occupants while reducing harm done to the earth.

How Green Do You Want to Go?


The SWEPT GreenClean™ Program focuses on products, tools, equipment, processes, and policies.


Your own priorities will help you decide how green you want to go.  No matter what your sustainability goals are, we have a program that will fit your needs - including LEED certification if you so choose.


Ready for a cleaner facility?

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