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Did you know...?

Medical facilities such as hospitals and surgery centers can be made sick by the very patients they are treating.

Professional Environmental Services: Medical & Dental


A healthy medical facility environment cuts down on the spread of bacteria and viruses. That's why our cleaning plans are specifically tailored to support the needs of all medical and health care facilities in their cleaning and hygiene needs. In order to meet our commitment to your facility, all of our Team Members are knowledgeable of exposure control plans and compliance requirements.

We understand the critical nature of healthcare surface disinfection and assisting in preventing HAI’s. The SWEPT healthcare cleaning and environmental services program ensures proper disinfecting and best practices that exceed the toughest healthcare cleaning standards and regulations.

We specialize in medical cleaning services for:

  • Hospitals

  • Outpatient Facilities

  • Medical Office Buildings

  • Surgery Centers

  • Nursing Homes

Quick Healthcare Tip:

How To Clean Spills of Blood and Body Substances

A. Promptly clean and decontaminate spills of blood or other potentially infectious materials 
B. Follow proper procedures for site decontamination of spills of blood or blood-containing body fluids

  1. Use protective gloves and other PPE appropriate for this task

  2. If the spill contains large amounts of blood or body fluids, clean the visible matter with disposable absorbent material, and discard the used cleaning materials in appropriate, labeled containers

  3. Apply the disinfectant with the proper wipe making sure there is enough disinfectant, and allow the surface to air dry

C. Use disinfectants registered by the EPA for use as hospital disinfectants and labeled tuberculocidal or registered germicides on the EPA Lists D and E (i.e., products with specific label claims for HIV or hepatitis B virus [HBV]) in accordance with label instructions to decontaminate spills of blood and other body fluids

(Source CDC)


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SWEPT has years of experience providing results to medical and dental facilities.

Ready for a cleaner facility?

Disinfecting.  It's What We Do.

SWEPT employees have been certified and tested in advanced disinfection protocols.  Our cleaning regimen meets the standards of AORN, Joint Commission, OSHA and the CDC.

We Know Restrooms.

Our highly trained Team Members use top-notch cleaning products and processes in order to attack bacteria and destroy it where it breeds.  High-touch areas, such as push plates, flush handles, faucets, and towel dispensers are paid special attention too; nothing is left to chance.

We Improve Air Quality.

We use four-filter backpack vacuums to remove dirt quietly and efficiently.

We Go Above & Beyond.

SWEPT uses a state-of-the-art cleaning regimen that completely disinfects all surfaces safely.  Our regimen can efficiently disinfect patient waiting areas, treatment rooms, surgery suites, and all critical areas of a medical facility with unprecedented disinfecting protection.  The safest, most effective hospital-grade disinfectant available today is a major component of our cleaning regimen.

We Know Carpet & Floors.

Our proactive carpet and hard floor care programs work to keep your carpets and floors fresh, clean and germ free.

We Speak OSHA.

Our employees are knowledgeable of exposure control plans and compliance requirements, chemical handling, blood-borne pathogen standards, hazardous communication standards, MSDS compliance, label compliance, and drug testing methods.

We Fight Cross Contamination.

Flat mops and the frequent changing of color-coded microfiber cloths stop the spread of germs and eliminate cross contamination.

We Work Greener.

Our use of environmentally friendly cleaning products, concentrated solutions, and spray bottle utilization induces less harm on the environment.

We Operate Securely.

All Office Cleaners staff wear uniforms as well as ID badges.

Ready for a cleaner facility?

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